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Product Size Unit Cost Number Total Cost
100% Pure Emu Oil 1/2 oz
1 oz
2 oz
4 oz
8 oz
16 oz
32 oz
Emu Oil Gel Caps 90 Caps of 750 mg each
Rejuvination Cream 1.50 oz
Rejuvination Cream 4 oz
Nourishing Eye Cream 1/2 oz
Nourishing Eye Cream 4 oz
Herbal Cream for Sensitive Skin 2 oz
4 oz
Balancing Facial Cream 1.5 oz
Therapeutic Cleansing Lotion 2 oz
4 oz
Workers Hand Cream 2 oz
4 oz
Deep Muscle Rub 2 oz
4 oz
8 oz
Hot Spice & Ice Herbal Pain Reliever with MSM 2 oz
4 oz
Jasmine Anti-Oxidant Face Lotion 1.7 oz
Cherry Almond Lip Therapy 1/4 oz tube
Vanilla Spice Lip Therapy 1/4 oz tube
Peppermint Lip Therapy 1/4 oz tube
Tangarine Lip Therapy 1/4 oz tube
Unscented Lip Therapy 1/4 oz tube
Aloe/Comfrey Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Eucalyptus Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Flathead Mint Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Huckleberry Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Lavender Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Montana Calendula Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Scottish Oatmeal Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Acne Clear Homemade Soap 3.5 oz
Unscented Replenishing Lotion 4 oz
8 oz
Lavender Tranquility Lotion 4 oz
8 oz
Herbal Liniment 8 oz Squeeze Bottle
18 oz Squeeze Bottle
32 oz Squeeze Bottle
Herbal Wound Salve 4 oz
8 oz
Herbal Wound Spray 12 oz
32 oz
EMUgency First Aid Stick 1/4 oz tube
EMUgency™ All Purpose First Aid Spray 1 oz
En-zym 90 count
En-zym 360 count
Pro-biotic 60 count
VitalStats 10 oz
Cinna-Scrub Skin Exfoliant 2 oz
4 oz
EMUtrients Shampoo 8 oz
EMUtriants Conditioner 4 oz
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